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Talaroo's new Eco Tents have arrived!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Forget pitching a tent and zipping yourself into a sleeping bag - Talaroo’s newest overnight accommodation is ready to go!

We opened last year with a campground, caravan park, Hot Springs tours and Private Soak Pools but that was just the first stage of the Ewamian vision for Talaroo.

Talaroo is a magical overnight destination with our spectacular sunsets, other-worldly sunrises lighting the steam from the springs and our popular firepit and Yarning Circle. So we’ve always wanted to offer on-site accommodation and our guests have been telling us they can’t wait.

Our first two Eco Tents are named after some of the iconic wildlife at Talaroo – Gondjara (sand goanna) and Gurridjala (wedge-tailed eagle).

We call the structures “Eco Tents” because they are designed to sit lightly on our landscape during each season before being packed down ready for the next year. The ingenious design packs down into a box which doubles as the tent flooring, and with no need for concrete footings the environmental impacts are minimal.

The tents are furnished simply and comfortably with cosy linens and blankets and each has a deck with chairs and side table looking towards the Hot Springs and with the starry sky our giant-screen entertainment for the night.

At this stage the Eco Tents offer a genuine camping experience - they don’t have power or water, but we do provide lanterns. The tents share the Campground bathroom amenities and camp kitchen but our future plans include exclusive private bathing facilities, outdoor kitchens and meal packages.

We’ll be adding more Eco Tents next year but for now there are just two, so make sure you book in advance if you’d like to stay with us.

All our sites, tours and experiences – and the Eco Tents – can be booked online. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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