About Talaroo

Do I need to be vaccinated to visit Talaroo?

Under current Queensland Government restrictions, both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can book and stay at accommodation so all visitors are welcome at our campground.   However Talaroo Hot Springs is a restricted business and is operating in accordance with a COVID Safe Checklist.  All guests (16+ years) will be required to show proof of full vaccination status or a medical exemption to enter our café area and participate in our tourism experiences including Hot Springs Discovery Tours and Private Soak Pools .

What are the average temperatures at Talaroo?

From April to October, daily average highs range from 28°C in June/July to 36° in October.  Nightly lows range from 12° in July to 20° in October.  In short, it’s perfect!


Is the tap water drinkable?

Yes the water at Talaroo is filtered and drinkable at the Camp Kitchen, café and to all powered sites.


Can we visit Talaroo in a conventional vehicle?

Yes.  When you turn off the Gulf Development Road you will travel approximately 10km on an unsealed road but it is suitable for conventional vehicles and trailers.

Is Talaroo wheelchair accessible?

Yes.  The facilities and amenities are accessible by wheelchair users.  On the Hot Springs Discovery Tour, there are two short sets of stairs on the boardwalk so wheelchair users need to loop back at the steps and rejoin the tour on flat ground.  Please talk to our friendly staff at reception if  you require assistance or information or wish to arrange a vehicle transfer to the start of the Springs tour.

Does Talaroo have mobile phone coverage and/or WiFi?

Unfortunately there is no mobile coverage on the property but we hope to have some WiFi available soon.


Do you have a swimming pool?

We don't have a standard swimming pool but we do of course have our private soak pools plus the Springs bathing pool, heated by waters from the Springs.  This pool is great for soaking away aches and pains and will be included with every guided tour but not accessible outside of the tours.  You can also swim in the refreshing waters of the Einasleigh River, just a short walk from the campground.


Can we fly a drone at Talaroo?

No.  For the safety of our guests at our campground and at the hot springs, we don’t allow personal drones to be flown at Talaroo unless authorised by management.

Can we bring pets to Talaroo?

Pets are welcome at Talaroo but must be well supervised and declared when booking.  Pets are not allowed on tours nor in the café/reception area.  Pets should not be left unattended for more than one hour and must be on a leash at all times when not contained in your van or vehicle.  You must pick up after your pet and take waste bags away with you when you leave.  We reserve the right to ask you to leave without a refund if your pet is disturbing other guests.


Can we visit for the day if we’re not staying overnight?

Yes, absolutely!  We have guided tours running throughout the day (bookings are essential as numbers are limited) and a café serving snacks and drinks.



What size are the sites and what facilities do they have?

Powered sites are 12m deep and 5.2m wide and set back a minimum of 3m from the road.  Each site has power and water and has a grass/dirt base.

Unpowered sites are 8m deep, 6m wide and 3m back from the road.  Each site has a grass/dirt base.  

Please note that rainfall is limited during the season so lush grass sites are not possible.


How many sites do you have?

There are 16 powered and 14 unpowered sites, with more planned for future years.


Are your sites drive-through?

All sites are reverse-in, but they are angled for ease of parking.  See our site map for details.


Are individual campfires permitted on each site?

No.  Fires are not allowed, but we invite all guests to join us free of charge around our central fire pit each evening for our Yarning Circle.


Can we use our own generator? 

No.  Generators are not allowed to be used at any time at Talaroo Hot Springs.  If you need power, please book one of our powered sites.


What shared facilities are available?

The camp kitchen features four gas BBQs, kitchen cooktops, sinks, communal fridge and picnic tables.  The campground amenities block includes toilets and showers with a dedicated wheelchair accessible bathroom.

At this stage we are not able to offer laundry facilities


Is there a dump point for RVs?

No, but there are dump points available locally at Mount Surprise, Georgetown & Forsayth so please plan accordingly.


Can we dispose of our rubbish at Talaroo?

There is no commercial rubbish removal at Talaroo so please bring garbage bags with you and take all your rubbish away when you leave.  Please don't dump rubbish anywhere on the property as it is hazardous for our wildlife.


Is there shade at all sites?

All sites have some landscaping for privacy but because this is a new development we cannot guarantee shade.  


Are there picnic tables available?

There are picnic tables in the Camp Kitchen.


Do you have cabins or accommodation for visitors who don’t camp?

No.  At this stage we have powered and unpowered sites only, but our plans for the future include glamping tents and self-contained cabins, so watch this space.


Can we camp along the Einasleigh River at Talaroo?

No, we don’t have any public campsites along the river.  Guests staying at the Talaroo Hot Springs campgrounds are welcome to visit the river and we will provide a map on arrival showing you where you can explore.


Activities & bathing


Where can I bathe in the hot springs?

The water rising in the spring vents is too hot for bathing, but as it cools it is fed into our Springs Bathing Pool and Private Soaking Pools.  A short soak in the Springs Bathing Pool is included in the Hot Springs Discovery Tour or you can book a Private Soaking Pool for 40 minutes for up to four people.  The pools are not accessible without a booking, and soak times are limited to optimise health benefits.


Can I bathe in the hot springs if I’m pregnant?

We don’t recommend bathing in the hot spring pools during pregnancy.  Immersing your body in the warm water will raise your body temperature which can be dangerous.  If you’re on the Hot Springs Discovery Tour, you can still soak your feet during the bathing session so you won’t miss out completely.


Can I bathe if I have a medical condition or are undergoing treatment?

To ensure your health and safety we recommend that you seek medical advice before entering our hot springs pools.  In particular, we do not recommend bathing for guests with any of the following:

  • Conditions with high fever

  • Extreme hypertension

  • Malignant tumours and cancerous conditions

  • Liver, kidney and circulation disorders

  • Conditions presenting the high risk of haemorrhaging

  • Anaemic conditions

  • Congestive heart failure, recent stroke or recent heart attack

  • Pregnancy

  • Diabetes


Can I bring food and drink into the pools?

Talaroo’s bathing and soaking pools are places of wellness and cleansing.  We therefore do not allow any food or alcohol into the bathing or soak pools as it may compromise the quality of the waters and affect the safety of bathers.



Will I be asked to sign a waiver before bathing?

We take our duty of care to our guests very seriously so we may ask you to sign a waiver form to make sure that you have understood and been given all relevant information before you bathe.