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Please be aware that there is no free public access to the Hot Springs and bathing pools.  


In order to protect this ancient landscape and extraordinary ecosystem, we only allow access to the Springs via our guided tours and purpose-built boardwalk.  We have also created four private soaking pools and restored the historic communal bathing pool to ensure stable and safe conditions for bathing.  We carefully monitor the temperatures in our bathing pools and regularly empty and clean them, and we limit numbers and access for the optimum enjoyment of our guests.

The communal bathing pool is included in every Hot Springs Discovery Tour, and the Private Soaking Pools can be booked separately for 40 minute sessions.

Talaroo Hot Springs


Talaroo’s mounded travertine terraces and hot springs are unique to Australia.  A photographer’s paradise and fascinating fuel to any budding geologist, their connection to Ewamian Traditional Owners go back millennia and they have provided a lifeline throughout human and evolutionary history.  


Surface water temperature in the pools reaches up to 68 degrees Celsius and yet there are unique and incredible aquatic ecosystems thriving here.  Talaroo is amongst a handful of geothermal systems on the planet where life in extreme environments can be studied and as such is a very special place of global significance. 


Talaroo is one of only two mound springs in Australia and the only one not fed by the Great Artesian Basin but from water seeping from kilometres underground heated by hot granite rocks.  At Talaroo, this water takes an incredible 20,000 years from falling as rain in the nearby Newcastle ranges to discharging from the Springs.  


Located just 200m from the Einasleigh River, Talaroo Hot Springs have been formed over millions of years.  In the cooler pools and outflow streams, the waters have long been prized as healing waters for body and soul, and no visit to Talaroo is complete without a relaxing dip in the purpose-built geothermal soaking pool (included in the guided tour only) or booking one of our private soaking pools. 


Visiting the Hot Springs


The Talaroo Hot Springs site has only just begun to give up its secrets.  As well as species new to science, ongoing exploration of the 800m2 mound spring is revealing new information about past climate, environment, human history and animals including megafauna that roamed the earth up to 100,000 years ago.  


The Hot Springs are therefore accessible exclusively on our Guided Tours which bring to life this spectacular landscape.


Talaroo Station itself is a 31,500-hectare property with a rich cultural and pastoral history.  Talaroo has been managed successfully by the Ewamian rangers over the past 10 years as an Indigenous Protected Area and Nature Refuge.  Visitors are welcome to to take a stroll down to the Einsleigh river for a paddle or fishing, and can also complete our new Talaroo Bike Trail free of charge.


Our Hot Springs is an area of significant conservation and cultural value.  One of the key significant threats to the mound spring unique ecosystem is weeds or introduced plants.  All visitors to Talaroo must follow our biosecurity requirements for prevention of weed introduction and weed spread and our friendly guides will provide more information.


  • Before you arrive at Talaroo we encourage you to clean walking shoes, backpacks, bicycles and vehicles if you have been travelling/camping in other areas with known weeds

  • While staying at Talaroo and using our facilities  you will be required to follow weed hygiene procedures before entering the  Hot Springs and the Talaroo Bike Trail

  • Remember while you are on Talaroo, do not collect or transport plant material such as flowers and fruits

  • Always stay on designated walking and bicycles tracks


Bathing in the Hot Springs


Guests on our Hot Springs Discovery Tour have exclusive access to our Hot Springs Soaking Pool to ensure a relaxed, enjoyable and safe experience for all.  All visitors are also welcome to book one of our private soaking pools for a thirty-minute session for up to four people. 

Bathing in geothermal mineral waters has long been prized for health and healing as it soothes the mind and body.  We do not recommend immersing your body in the bathing pools during pregnancy, but you can still enjoy a relaxing foot soak.


We appreciate that many visitors seek the healing properties of our springs during illness but to safeguard your health we request that you seek medical advice before bathing if you are suffering from any medical condition.  For more information, check our Hot Springs Restrictions.


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